Nat Geo boobs: A “perk” of being Mom.

Nat-geo boobs anyone? This really made me laugh!


Underwire. Push up bras. They not only hold the girls up but have become my last line of defense in the war against saggy booby syndrome. I have nursed two kids. Throw in entering my 30’s and I am definitely losing the war.

I loved my boobs. A perfect B. Added a little junk in my trunk after getting married and guess what? I loved them even more. I had the perfect C. Then, I got pregnant. My lovely C’s turned in to vuluptous D’s. It was a miracle. The girl that couldn’t tell her back from her chest as a blossoming teenager has managed to pull off two fun-filled, fabulous D’s.

Looking at my boobs now, I see a whole new meaning to the expression “sucking the life out of you”. I pumped primarily for my first child for six months. Nursing went a little smoother with my son, who latched his perfect little lips around my now affectionately dubbed “Nat Geo nips”, every…

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  1. I remember when I realized I had Nat Geo boobs — I was stunned! I mentioned this astonishing discovery to my partner, who laughed and said I’d had them for a while. I found this revelation even more shocking — how long had this been going on, and why didn’t I know it sooner? I may never know the answer to the former question, but the answer to the latter is that I seem to be in line for the throne of Egypt through my mother, the queen of denial.

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