Sibling Rivalry

Many sibling relationships are fraught with conflict and most of us have probably had direct experience in our own lives. Watching our children’s battles can be upsetting and the urge to step in and possibly becoming embroiled can sometimes be… Read More ›

A Fair Share

    As a mother of twins, I had expected my children to learn how to share more easily than singletons. I gullibly believed these words from my midwife when they were only days old in hospital and in the… Read More ›

Happy Easter!!

I’m really looking forward to Easter and it’s not because I get to stuff my face with chocolate eggs (well I’m pretty excited about that too) but I’m thrilled because my wee parents are coming down from Belfast to visit…. Read More ›

Blogging Mummies

As a newcomer to the world of blogging, I have discovered a supportive community of mothers, all willing to share and support each other through their parenting dilemmas and all manner of highs and lows. Some do it with beautifully… Read More ›

Road trip.. with twins!

When the kids were small, the weekend trip to my parents’ house in Belfast, a mere three hours’ drive, was quite the ordeal. Three hours of my manic ‘we’re nearly there!’ didn’t provide much reassurance. On the day of travel, I… Read More ›