Running madly around Lady Dixon park

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Holding hands!

We’re back from a great weekend in Belfast. Obviously I love Belfast because it’s where I’m from, but it’s a great place for everyone to visit as it has so many attractions and free activities for families. When we head north, I always like to bring them to a few places I would have gone to as a child.  During our summer holidays, my friends and I would have cycled to Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon park, as it’s only down the road from my parents’. Although the Giro d’Italia had just started in the city centre, I wasn’t feeling up to navigating the crowds with the kids. I was feeling a bit crappy after a root canal treatment which didn’t go according to plan.  I knew I could let them run wild at the park, they’d be engrossed and I’d only have to follow behind. The kids needed to burn off some steam so a stroll in the park suited us all perfectly.

When we arrived, the kids were full of enthusiasm and oohs and ahhs. They were amazed by the gigantic rhododendrons in various colours, and surprised that trees could have ‘so many flowers!!’ They were proper little adventurers, shouting ‘lets go this way mummy!’ ‘What’s down here?! Let’s go see!’ I let them go where they wanted and tagged along behind, only warning them not to take off in opposite directions. They happened to discover the Japanese garden, the rose gardens and the playground all by themselves, so they were just ecstatic every time they made a new discovery and wondered what new and exciting thing was lurking around the next corner. After literally running around (mostly in circles) for nearly an hour, plus fun in the sandpit, slides, swings and spinny thing, they decided they were tired  got cranky and wanted to go home became even more cranky. Dylan was too tired to walk and had to be carried back to the car. Eva said she was tired too but settled for holding my hand instead.

The park was certainly looking spectacular with all the rhododendrons in bloom, and it was wonderful to see the kids running around admiring the blossoms and remarking how beautiful it was. I can’t recall it looking as good when I was a child. I suppose I didn’t realise how kids see and appreciate the beauty in the same way as adults (or perhaps Belfast city council are doing a better job). They loved the park so much, I can’t wait to see their faces during the annual rose week beginning on the 21st of  July. This year will be extra special as Belfast city council will celebrate the rose gardens’ 50th anniversary and it’s all free! And no, I am not being paid to pimp Belfast. I wish I was!

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  1. Beautiful park, beautiful photos, adorable kids! Glad you had a great weekend back home (minus the root canal).

  2. What a beautiful spot. This is such a great time of year as we begin to remember that kids can go outside!

    • It’s just gorgeous. I try to get my kids to go out when the weather isn’t so fine and wrap them up well, but they’re a bit like me. When it’s cold and damp, I don’t want to budge from the fire! :o)

  3. What a nice trip! Its so special to see the little ones discover and understand more now. The pics are gorgeous!

  4. Giro d’Italia in Belfast, well I never!
    Your photos are idyllic just like the Dick and Dora books that children used to learn to read with…remember those?

    • See what you’re missing! :0) The race started in Belfast. Nice to see belfast enjoy some positive media attention.
      I do remember those books! They were terribly boring but I always admired the illustrations. I couldn’t imagine my kids enjoying them at all.
      Thanks for reading my wee blog Jackie 😉

      • Always a pleasure to pop by!
        I loved the pictures in those books too and they’ve somehow become imprinted on my imagination to represent idyllic sunny play days of childhood. Just think all these years later and we use all kinds of filters to achieve that quality in our photos. New fangled gadgetry to achieve the standards from the past 🙂
        Hope your tooth is healed. I’ve been visiting the periodontist recently and it’s costing me a fortune!

      • I can still remember one image.. Was it Dick and Dora staring into a rock pool and their dog Pat (?) kept barking at a little fish they found.. It’s mad what I can remember! Tooth feels great. I am pain-free and surprisingly not addicted to solpadeine. Hurrah!

  5. This is very sweet. I love the photos and the writing. You have a lovely voice, Olivia. i am avoiding a root canal. Costs so much and I hope to outlive that adventure. I already had one a long time ago. Now another? Not unless it’s a total must. Anyway, when I see a photo of your kids on an adventure, I think of my grandkids. Four and five and two others, but I don’t babysit them, one and three. I just couldn’t keep sane anymore with four little ones. But I am having a great time. Hugs and blessings as you work on your writing and sharing.

    • Ah Drew, you’re very kind!
      Sorry for worrying you about the root canal. Ignore me. I am the biggest baby! I can imagine why you wouldn’t babysit them all. Just thinking about it makes my head spin.
      Hope your daughter is recovering well. xx

      • She begins Chemo on the 27th of May. She is sick about the very thought. I will be with her during the ordeal and stay until she feels better. It will be done every three weeks. The daughter living in my house has to find a sitter for that time. I feel the older daughter will need me even more. Thank you Olivia for caring. Means a great deal to me. Is your uncle hanging on?

      • Your daughter is so lucky to have you. She will be much stronger with you by her side. I’ve seen how strong your family are and how they all support each other. You should be so proud of them. My uncle is hanging on in there. Sorry for the delay in responding to your message xx

      • No problem. I know how busy one gets. Not sure now if I will be there when she has her Chemo. She wants her husband by her side. I would be there taking care of the family when they call.

  6. Looks gorgeous! Love seeing these happy pictures of them holding hands and exploring 🙂 They must be close. What a beautiful spot and a beautiful day.

    • I’m so happy that they are close. Although they don’t hold hands very often so i’m glad I had my iPhone with me. They are getting on better all the time, with the odd disagreement over toys etc. but hey they’re only 4! :o)

  7. The picture of the kids holding hands… So cute! That was me and my brother when we were much younger.

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