Is this the Spirit of Christmas?


Last year, we didn’t have any believers in my house. My little people were too young to grasp the whole concept of Santa. Of course there was excitement over the decorations and presents, but when we tried to talk about Santa, their attention had already moved to tugging baubles from the tree. For years my Christmas spirit lay dormant, lazy and unashamedly scrooge-like. Although I certainly enjoyed myself, Christmas was an adult affair; about indulgence, trying to get excited about a new take on cooking the vegetables and a break from the desk job.

The feelings behind my long-forgotten childhood mantra returned when my little boy whispered

‘I’m so excited about Christmas’ in an earnest little voice.

He said it spontaneously as I hurriedly fastened him into his car seat and on our way to do some Christmas shopping. Anticipating my response and eyes wide with wonder, he peered up at me through his grey-blue eyes and thick dark lashes. I paused. I had never seen this beautiful expression on his face before.

‘I’m excited too’ I said, kissing him on his wrinkled nose as he pulled away from me with a giggle. This was my first notable inkling that I was in the company of a believer. At that moment I felt the weight of a new responsibility.  I would be responsible for creating my children’s entire Christmas experience, a production lasting weeks and responsible for having all the facts to hand; how does Santa get down the chimney? How do the Reindeer fly? And how does he deliver presents to all the children in the world? After a week of questions, I am now a Santa expert. I have learned all the facts and most importantly my responses are 100% consistent. As I have discovered the slightest deviation in my story will lead to a more thorough interrogation.

The magical little glint in my son’s eyes has brought Christmas alive. That giddy look of sheer joy and excitement has made my Christmas real. In my house Christmas really is coming. Elf is on the shelf.  We talk to Santa on the phone. It doesn’t matter (yet) that sometimes he speaks in lofty Received Pronunciation and other days he’s from Brooklyn. We don’t need to try to feel Christmassy anymore. I can’t wait for Christmas and maybe it sounds silly, but a small part of me wishes that I too, was four years old and could relive the magic of Christmas.


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  1. What a lovely and special Christmas this will be for you. I love Christmas, but the excitement of my eleven year old youngest makes it so much better. Enjoy.

    • Thanks Tric. We will! I hope you enjoy this Christmas.
      (Forgot to say another reason why I like your blog is your nursing background. In my experience, nurses are incredibly practical and truthful people. My mum is a retired nurse) x

  2. I totally get this. My daughter really started getting in to Christmas last year and it brought the spirit back to life for me. This year she understands even more and seems to understand the giving and not just the getting part just as much. That is so humbling for me too. My little guy just wants to eat the tree…it’s all relative I suppose.

  3. ooh, what fun. I remember being woken by my sister Christmas Eve to the sound of sleigh bells. Must have been my grandpa 😉 Those were the days. Looking forward to when my seven-month-olds can experience that sense of wonder.

    • My two have said they’ve heard sleigh bells on a few occasions! It’s so cute. You’ll have so much fun.
      I had to laugh at myself when I read your post about your 8 hour car journey with your twins.. I really was being very melodramatic over my very small 3 hour drive. You took it all in your stride ;O)

  4. This is such a sweet story about your new-found enthusiasm of Christmas, Don’t allow your age to dampen the spirit of Christmas. I am sixty-seven, and when Christmas rolls along, I am busy in the kitchen keeping up with traditions I set when my children were younger.

    You have done a really nice job with your blog. I am having some trouble but am enjoying the ride.

    I, too, am enjoying meeting new friends around the globe. The blog title is lovely. Very original. I will have to be so creative. You have inspired me. Thank you so much, and Happy New Year, my new found friend.

    • So many people say Christmas is just for kids. I heard it so many times I started to believe it.

      I’m glad you like my blog. Advice and opinions from other bloggers is so important. We’re all in the same boat!

      That story is so sentimental for me. I wanted a record of it, if only for myself.

      Look forward to reading your work.

      Athbhliain faoi mhaise duit!

      • Thank you. I just started blogging again, so there are several old posts in other blogs that you might come across.

        I think it’s a great idea to keep record of your experiences and share them with others. In time, you will turn out to be an awesome writer who may become another Diane Setterfield. Best wishes and enjoy the moment.

      • You are very kind. I have a lot to learn. I’m only a novice, but I’ll stick with it.
        Talk to you soon :0)

  5. Reblogged this on Put the Kettle On and commented:

    An old one from last year, just to get me into the Christmas Spirit.

  6. I wish I was 4 too! It’s the only real true unconditional magic we have in life, Santa. Me miss him. 🙂

    • Ha, Ha! Yeah, a Santa would be very handy right now – ‘Santa, I want a new car, one that starts’.
      My little boy only wants a chocolate Santa for breakfast on Christmas morning. He says he has enough toys!!
      Merry Christmas Jackie! 🙂 xx

  7. I’d love to be four at Christmas, with all my grandparents still here. Although, it’s pretty lovely having my own kids with me at this time of year. Merry Christmas

    • It’s so important that they enjoy these years isn’t it? They pass so quickly. My guys turned 5 last month, so I figure we only have 5 more years of Santa until they decide not to believe any more.. I’m going to enjoy it too.
      Merry Christmas Abby! xx

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