Funny stuff my kids said.


Me: If you’re not good Santa won’t bring you any presents..

Eva: If Santa doesn’t bring me presents, I’ll throw him in the river.

Eva: Tom wasn’t at Montessori today.

Me: Why not?

Eva: Because he ate sludge. (The name of the child who ate sludge has been changed).

Dylan: I want my dinner in the mornings.

Dylan: My icecream is too cold. Can you warm it up in the microwave please?

Eva: People left planet erff in rockets because they were scared of the dinosaurs.

Eva: ‘Morning Mummy! Did santa come?’ (on Boxing day/St. Stephens day).

Me: Can you please stop fighting? (tenth request).

Dylan: But Mummy, we like fighting. Don’t we Eva?

Me: Arghhh!!!

Eva: We get grumpy if we don’t eat fish fingers.

Dylan: I don’t like you mummy, but that’s OK.. because Eva likes you.

My kids actually said this stuff! They’re four-year-old boy and girl twins and say lots of hilarious and some …weird things.  I’m keeping a record now as I never remember. Have your kids said anything funny, strangely insightful or left you lost for words recently??

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  1. “If you sit on a chair and realize it’s an armadillo, don’t lean back!”
    … Wait, it was me who said that. Yesterday. At the age of 20. No regrets.

  2. Hi Olivia. thanks for liking my latest post. As you know, I have been changing things around. Once I’m satisfied, I will be more reliable. ha, ha!!
    Yes, my three, nearly four-year-old granddaughter said yesterday as she took an ornament off the tree ( I still have it up and the ornament is a husky dog with the name Nikko on), how did Nikko turn into an ornament? Of course, my daughter and I reeled in laughter.

    • Aw that is so cute.. I love the way they seem so wise beyond their years, and then they say something so innocent out of the blue. Eva just told me a bone fell out of her arm and made me feel it so i’d be convinced..(her arm is fine by the way!)
      Your blog is looking good – the new background colour gives a softer feel.

      • It takes forever when you don’t really know what you want to do exactly. I guess I will know when I get there. Have a great day. Hope that bone returns. LOL

      • I know what you mean.I’m on my 4th theme, but I’m liking this one a lot. Are there any blogs that you like and could try to do something similar? There are some wordpress themes specifically for writers – they’re very elegant and refined. V..appropriate for your work me thinks.:o)

      • I bought Awesome already. I liked it because you can post full sized images. Really like that part a lot. I will keep searching…just would rather write, though. Know what I mean?

      • I know what you mean. I follow blogs because of the content, not because of the way they look. As long as they’re easy to navigate and not too busy. Your blog looks great.

      • Thanks Olivia. I have 23 followers thus far. Most of them don’t look at my stuff. I can depend on about 10, if that. How about you?

      • I think I have about 30! I got a new follower the other day who has thousands of followers. I don’t get that. Lots of people read and don’t let on. Do you check your stats?

  3. Ha! I like “we get grumpy if we don’t eat fish fingers”–makes sense to me! 🙂 Mine can’t talk yet, but they give very quizzical looks, especially when I try to give them a bite of a new food.

    • It’s hard to know how to respond to them sometimes. They’re wee monkeys..I remember their first solids – just rolling it around in their mouths before pushing it out.. Your babies are so cute. How do you find time to blog?

      • I usually write the blogs at night after the babies have gone to bed…but I somehow find minutes during the day to read blogs and comment. Usually while they’re napping, or sometimes they can entertain themselves for a while playing. What about you?

      • My kids are at pre-school until 12.15. That’s when I try to get everything done including grocery shopping, tidying etc..I’m writing articles at the moment and I can only really focus properly on one thing at a time (no multi-tasking here!) I intend to blog more regularly, but i’m still finding it hard to blog without it becoming too personal.

  4. I, too, really like the comment about fish fingers (who *wouldn’t* be grumpy in a world without fish fingers?), and I’m also really taken by the observation about leaving erff in rocket ships because of the dinosaurs. That explains so-o-o-o-o much!

    • Hey Jennifer!
      Where have you been? I hope it was good! Sorry – I replied to your message ages ago. Somehow I’ve managed to delete it?
      Ah the fish fingers.. It’s amazing when they start to manipulate the situation to their advantage.
      Have you finished all your projects then?

      • Yes, the projects are done, thank goodness! I was hoping things would get back to normal right away, but I don’t spring back quite as quickly as I used to, and putting myself under that much pressure for that length of time has taken its toll. We’ve also had quite a lot of ice and snow, which means I’ve had the kids at home from school several days. Not a bad thing, but not very conducive to getting back to business as usual. 🙂

  5. Super! My seven year old (about to turn eight) twin boy told his godfather proudly last week

    “I’ll have aids when you see me next!

    We think he meant he will be eight!

    well we hope!

  6. Hahaha, this is such a great idea. You are going to have such a great laugh about this, specially when they are all grown up !


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