REVIEW: Lottie Doll


When I attended the Irish Parenting Blog awards at the end of April, I received a lovely goody bag containing all sorts of treats, including moisturiser, vouchers, a discount for M&S, my very own IPB cooking apron AND a Lottie doll from MyKidsTime, the sponsor of Best Writer category.

I hadn’t heard of the Lottie doll from Arklu before but I’ve been aware of a recent push for more child-like dolls and a back-lash against overly glamorous dolls which represent an unrealistic body image.

We received Pony Flag Race Lottie, kitted out in riding gear: jodhpurs, riding boots, riding hat and corsage, and Eva was thrilled when I gave her to her the day after the awards. She’s joined Eva in her adventures and hung out with some new pals, mostly the Sylvanian family in their school house. When I asked Eva why she liked her Lottie doll so much she said ‘because she rides a horse and she’s pretty’.



Matching accessories are available for each doll, and for Eva’s doll we may purchase the horse, a trophy and a few other extra pieces. We tried her out on Barbie’s horse, but Lottie was a little too small for it, being modelled on the proportions of an average 9 year old girl. But even Barbie herself can’t master mounting her own horse and it wasn’t long ago somebody felt the need to sellotape her hands to the reins and her feet into the stirrups!

Unlike Barbie, Lottie’s knees bend!! She should have no problems riding her horse compared to Barbie. I remember becoming frustrated as a child to discover that my new doll’s knees wouldn’t bend. To play properly with a doll, you really need to be able to move her limbs! How can toy manufacturers get it so wrong?

The Lottie doll feels very sturdy too and like she will stand the test of time and possibly could be passed on to another child eventually. The hair is made from Saran which is part wax and so the hair won’t knot or fuzz as easily. Lottie can also stand -seems very simple doesn’t it? I’ve watched my daughter become so frustrated when a doll can’t stand on its own too feet. All the Lottie dolls wear realistic, normal clothing, and what you’d expect to see a little girl wearing.


FullSizeRender (5)

The Lottie dolls get up to all sorts of exciting activities and come with matching attire; Lottie does karate, fossil hunting, and there’s even a boy called Kite Flyer Finn. Or, like Eva’s Lottie doll, with a little imagination, she can hang out with any motley crew!

I like the idea of my daughter playing with a doll that looks like a little girl and not covered in exaggerated make-up. I think those dolls have had their day.

Today Eva made up a story about Lottie going on a trip with little Red Riding Hood – they met Robin Hood and ran away from a wicked witch!

Lottie dolls are suitable for children ages 3 and up and can be purchased along with accessories, from

And to celebrate their sponsorship of The Best Writer category at the Irish Parenting Blog Awards, MyKidsTime have offered my readers a special discount of 10% with the code IPBA2015 valid until 31st May!

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