10 Sure Signs I’m a Belfast Mammy

  1. When the kids won’t stop fighting – which is frequently – I shout ‘CEASE FIRE!!’

  2. I often put up pretend road blocks around the house and quiz them on where they’re  going and what they’re doing, only letting them pass when I’m satisfied with their response.

  3. I look at them through squinted eyes and remind them that I’m always watching them.

  4.  Whenever we hear a bang outside, I tell them to get down and stay away from the windows.

  5. When I discover their messy bedrooms, I cordon off the area, declaring them ‘BOMB SITES’.

  6. I am irrationally concerned whenever I find them throwing stones in the garden.

  7. When they were toddlers and said ‘NO, NO, NO!!’, I always got a mental image of Ian Paisley.

  8. When I hear them fighting in the next room, I ask my husband to go and sort out the riot.

  9. When things get really out of hand, I read them the riot act.

  10. And finally, failing that, I threaten to call the riot squad.

I left Belfast 15 years ago, but I still love it and the Belfast craic! How about you? Do you think your background may have added extra flavour to your parenting style? 🙂

Photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/freeparking/2611866789/

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16 replies

  1. More like this please. I’ve a picture of a cross between you and Big Ian shouting at the twins

  2. One of my favourite posts you have ever written. Loved this.

    • Thank you Tric! The idea came in an instant over lunch and writing it took no time at all. I decided to try something a little different, probably because meeting all the other IPBers last week spurred me on. 🙂

  3. Love it, great post, my mam always referred to our rooms as bomb sites too so I use it with mine lol

  4. Love this, going to share it with a friend from Belfast!

  5. lol cease fire! I need to try that one 🙂

  6. That brought a smile to my face, while I’m not from Belfast I was reminded of my ‘mixed’ Irish background….it certainly does make an appearance in my home, lol!

  7. Awh this is brilliant! Reminds me of my step dad, he’s a wee Derry lad. Going to send him the link haha

    Thanks for linking up in #linkalist

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