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REVIEW: Lottie Doll

When I attended the Irish Parenting Blog awards at the end of April, I received a lovely goody bag containing all sorts of treats, including moisturiser, vouchers, a discount for M&S, my very own IPB cooking apron AND a Lottie doll… Read More ›

Real Adventure Playgrounds

What are junk and adventure playgrounds? Adventure playgrounds are in bold contrast to the modern playgrounds you’ll see around Ireland today which are planned and built according to minimum safety standards. Images of adventure playgrounds show ram shackled dens, old… Read More ›

Happy Easter!!

I’m really looking forward to Easter and it’s not because I get to stuff my face with chocolate eggs (well I’m pretty excited about that too) but I’m thrilled because my wee parents are coming down from Belfast to visit…. Read More ›