Happy Easter!!

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I’m really looking forward to Easter and it’s not because I get to stuff my face with chocolate eggs (well I’m pretty excited about that too) but I’m thrilled because my wee parents are coming down from Belfast to visit. I call them ‘wee’ because I’m from Belfast in Northern Ireland and that’s how we describe most things, in fact we can refer to anything as ‘wee’. For example ‘come on in for a wee cup of tea’ or ‘let’s go for a wee walk’. I suppose it’s a term of endearment too, hence the wee parents. Priests and nuns are always referred to as ‘wee’. For instance in Belfast, it would be perfectly acceptable to say ‘The wee priest called round today and he had a wee cup of tea’.
My dad (I actually call him daddy) hasn’t been to visit me in Tipperary since July! And no, it’s not because he doesn’t like me, it’s because he had his wee knee joint replaced in September and prior to this his wee knee was too painful to endure the three hour drive and he was also on a wee waiting list. Now, do you see what I did there? So if you are ever visiting Belfast, and would like to fit in with the locals, be sure to slip in the odd wee ‘wee’ won’t ya??
On Easter Sunday morning, we’ll all enjoy watching the kids as they scramble around the garden in an intense competition to fill their buckets with chocolate eggs. Last year was the twins’ first Easter egg hunt and it took them a little while to believe that chocolate eggs were actually scattered around the garden waiting to be gobbled. Who’d have thunk it?!! They couldn’t believe their luck. Every morning for the next few days, they’d go looking for eggs and couldn’t comprehend they’d have to wait so long for the Easter bunny to come again. I should have anticipated this, given that on Stephens’ day the same thing happened – they were expecting Christmas presents again! I wonder will they grasp that this time round…
I’m also excited because I’ll get to chill out for a few days and I’m hoping that this spell of glorious weather will continue. I have finished some articles and ghost writing and for a little while I can relax and enjoy some family time. I do have several litres of lovely paint waiting to be swooshed onto the outside of my house and a fence that needs to be stained, but we’ll let that wait. I also can’t figure out how to paint the house or fence with 4 year-old twins running about… May I add, they are of the wild variety? They will want to ‘help’. It could get messy, very messy…just see what happens when you attempt to photograph an Easter chick!

Happy Easter Everyone!

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  1. Yay Easter! Yay beautiful weather and a visit from the “wee” parents!! Sounds like lots to look forward to, which is the best 🙂 What a cute Easter chick 🙂

    • They got a load of these chicks and they insisted on giving them baths.The glue didn’t hold them together very well so their legs, eyes, beaks and wings fell off! They want me to glue them back together somehow.Lol! :o)

  2. Happy Easter Olive! I hope you enjoy your break and that your parents are well and enjoy their stay. Good luck with the Easter egg hunt Eva and Dylan! Take care. Your wee Belfast mate! Xox

  3. Hope you and yours have a wee little Easter 🙂 …wait…did that work?

  4. Ach ye wee cratur, ye! I’ll be finding my wee self a wee imported Cadbury’s Creme egg meself for a wee treat after me wee Easter lunch. Have a Happy Easter, wee luv! 🙂

  5. I’m a wee bit intimidated by jackiemallon’s spectacular comment, so I’ll just wish everyone a happy Easter and lots of chocolate! 😉

  6. Nicely done Jennifer! You slipped it in there so smoothly that I didn’t even notice at first. I think you would have no problems mingling with Belfast folk. Lol..This has been fun! Happy Easter! :o)

  7. Hi there Olivia,
    Best wishes to your and yours (chicks, wee parents and the lot) for a fabulous Easter visit. Don’t forget to relax and eat some very good quality chocolate because I hear it may be good for the soul. 😉

  8. Oh jeez, I just spent Friday night with my wee Belfast friend so I’m all weed out, but I wish you a happy Easter all the same. Nice to have found your blog!

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