Where the fairies live…

Templemore park fairy trail is where you will find a new, budding fairy population. We’ve visited this park on a regular basis since before the kids were born. And I am without doubt that my trips here with a friend, who was on maternity leave when Eva and Dylan were babies, helped to keep my sanity intact! The kids are very familiar with its layout; the playground area (which is great as it is fenced off with only one access point so the kids can’t escape unnoticed when it’s busy), the stroll down to the lake and fountain to feed the swans and ducks, the ruins of an old church and graveyard, the original walls of the old estate, the pitch and putt, and outdoor gym, all set in 72 acres.

It’s a great spot to let them run free. The walk through the forested area was always a bit much for them. We’d end up carrying them and trying to push their scooters along at the same time. So for me, the sudden appearance of fairy doors was a welcome addition. Now the kids leg it around the park, shouting at the top of the voices ‘I found another one!’ and they usually complete the circuit without too many complaints.

On our last visit, we noticed some children had left notes at the fairies’ doors, so Dylan and Eva decided they would like to draw some pictures for the fairies. Dylan drew a beach covered in snow with a palm tree (the dots are coconuts). Hmm…perhaps a little bizarre but cute nonetheless. Eva made a sign by sticking her picture of fairies to a pencil and signed her name below. Unfortunately, in Eva’s words (yells) ‘it got ruined!!’ as some juice was spilt on it, but we agreed the fairies would still love to have her picture outside their door and all was well again.

After they’d left their gifts for the fairies, Dylan decided the fairies needed some firewood and started collected sticks and piling them at their doors! It’s great to see their little imaginations at work and they were so proud of their gifts for the fairies.

As they wandered round the park admiring the fairy doors and banging on them to see if the fairies were home, we bumped into the local artist who designed, built and installed the doors. Aishling has been delighted with all the positive feedback she’s received and how, many more families are now making the trip down to the mature woodlands to follow the fairy trail. If you’re ever near Templemore in Co.Tipperary, you should swing by and bring a picnic. There are lots of picnic benches and shaded areas by the lake to cool down during the summer months. Also, have a look at the Fairy trail facebook page to keep up to date with the fairies’ latest activities as Aishling keeps a close eye on them.

My kids never tire of this little adventure. Hopefully, we’ll see the fairies next time.

P.S. My blog was nominated for the Blog Awards Ireland 2014 and made the long list in parenting category! Fingers crossed! 🙂

fairy trail 008

Yep, that’s Eva


Dylan's snow-covered beach with palm tree

Dylan’s snow-covered beach with palm tree

photo 3 (1)

Eva’s fairy sign post


photo 2 (2)

‘There you go, fairies.’

photo 1 (3)

Gathering firewood

'Here you are, fairies!'

‘Here you are, fairies!’

photo (29)

The start of the trail

fairy trail 006

My favourite door!

fairy trail 026

How cute is this?!

fairy trail 020

Leggin’ it!


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16 replies

  1. Sounds like a wonderful place! You took some great pictures 🙂

  2. Gorgeous! Another fairy trail to add to my list ‘must visit’ list. I love your favourite door too.

  3. Aren’t childrens imaginations just magical. Lovely post Olivia, and it looks like the perfect place to spark their imaginings..

    • I know! I loved Dylan’s palm tree. They both seem to have good imaginations. I like this park because they can run off and enjoy a bit of freedom. And when they are amused, they rarely argue, which means I get a little rest! 🙂

  4. They’re little fairies themselves, aren’t they? Lovely x

  5. A fairy trail — what a lovely idea! I, too, will have to add that to my must-see list. I’m so glad you posted photos. The children’s gifts for the fairies are delightful! And congratulations on being nominated for that blog award! I’ll keep my fingers crossed, too. 🙂

    • Hi Jennifer! Yes, you should definitely come to Ireland! I know all the best places 😉 I’d love to make it to the next step and be short-listed, but if not, taking part is entertaining anyway. I think the criteria for making the long list might be… um.. How shall I put it? Easy peasy? So, we’ll see what happens. Thanks for reading my wee blog 🙂

  6. What a wonderful idea! I bet it has a much bigger draw now that the fairies have taken up residence! Just wondering, can you open the doors? If so, is there anything inside? A hole or anything? It’s a lovely place. Maybe I will suggest it for our neck of the woods!

    • Hello! No, the doors are screwed on tight. I think because the fairies are ‘asleep’, but that doesn’t stop my guys from trying very hard to pop them open!
      The fairies doors are such a fab idea – I see them popping up all over Ireland’s parks. :o)

  7. So delighted you remembered Templemore Fairy Trail. It brings magic to young and old. I feel relaxed after taking a stroll there. Best wishes with your blog!

  8. Oh my…This cannot get any cuter ! Those small doors, That is so sweet and creative. The woods look magical !

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