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I’ve been away on a family camping trip, the details of which I’ll share in my next post. As we’ve been without WiFi and electricity, my interactions of late have been rather limited! Apologies for disappearing yet again. At the moment we are busy making those final preparations for the kids’ first day of school which I intend to write about also.

Before we headed off on our holiday, I was so excited to write a guest post – ‘My wee blog: Put the Kettle On’ for Timethief at One cool site explaining how and why I started my blog. Timethief is a blogging superstar. She is a mentor to so many of us little people, giving us great guidance and encouragement. Please check out her blog for all the best blogging and tips and information for successful blogging on WordPress. It’s perfect for beginners and for updates on any changes to  There you will also find guest posts from lots of interesting bloggers and experienced writers, all with very unique stories to tell about their blogging experiences so far.

I’ve been following her since day one and very much doubt I’d have made it this far without One cool site.





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  1. I was honored to be able to publish your guest post Olivia. Best wishes with your “wee blog”. 🙂

  2. Righto, I’ll be off over there then…

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