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I don’t know where the last few weeks have gone. I’ve had a few bits to write for other websites and that seemed to take up all my free time and nobody mentioned how busy the last few weeks of school are. We had our first sports day, flag raising ceremonies, first school reports and Ladybirds (girl guides for little girls) got their badges. Dylan joined the local under 6 Gaelic club (and is delighted with how ferocious he looks wearing his hurling helmet and brandishing his new hurl). Eva lost her first tooth and went on her first day trip with the Ladybirds. AND they finished their first year at school! Do you remember when I wrote Twins Start School? Well that feels like a very long time ago now and my twins now resemble slightly more mature monkeys.

They were hyperactive tonight as there’s only one more sleep until we go camping. Last year we went Camping in Kinsale, and this summer we’re going to Morris Castle Strand in Co. Wexford, where I spent many memorable holidays as a young child. It was such an amazing holiday as we travelled from Belfast with 3 or 4 other families, so there was a great atmosphere and always lots of other kids to play with.

The journey seemed to take an entire day as there were no motorways and my father had the trailer tent hitched to the back of our car. We had no seatbelts then, and my 3 brothers and I would pile into the back seat. I recall having the chicken pox at this camp site and being sent out to play in just a vest and knickers smothered in pink, chalky calamine lotion! Some older girls laughed at me near the swings and I hadn’t a clue what was so funny. No doubt I stomped back to the tent and told my mum all about it!

I remember cycling my bike around the camp site and loving the sense of freedom. I remember believing someone had caught a shark at the beach, seeing a massive fish being trailed through the dunes tied to a board and later insisting I’d seen a shark.

The kids have their bikes strapped to the back of car and I hope they’ll get a little practice in and maybe ditch the stabilisers. I know they’ll have a wonderful time as they really enjoyed our trip last year and this time we’ll have a 20 km long, blue flag beach just a short stroll from the tent.

A few weeks ago I was asked by someone if we had any holidays planned, and I said that we were going camping which was met with a moment’s hesitation before they sought clarification. ‘Oh, you mean glamping?’

‘No, we’re going camping. Actual camping in our own tent’. The conversation died right there. But don’t worry about us. Eva and I think we are very glamorous and we are now going glamping.

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These toes are glamorous, are they not?

We’re not so sure about the weather for the coming days, but it does look sunnier than Tipperary. My parents are staying in a hotel down the road, so if we do have days of rain, we can always pass some time at their lovely hotel. I’ll give lots of details of the camp site when I get back and I’ll also have a few reviews and a give away.

My last piece of news is I’ve been accepted to study towards a graduate certificate in technical writing, beginning in September, when the guys go back to school, so I’m thrilled.

If you’re heading off anywhere nice, have a lovely trip! And if you’re going camping, please feel free to use Dylan’s thoughtful list above 🙂

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  1. Enjoy your holiday! Sounds great and reminds me of my childhood camping trips 🙂

    • Thank you! We’re back and unpacked now. We had a lovely time and were extremely lucky with the weather – it only rained one afternoon. We were quite tired when we got home and felt a bit frazzled from all the sunshine, but the kids really enjoyed themselves. It’s definitely a holiday for kids. (Sorry, I’m only seeing your message today.)

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