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It’s hard to believe we’ve nearly reached September already. All of a sudden I can feel Autumn creeping in; leaves are beginning to fall from some of the trees in my garden and I can feel a dampness in the air. I’ve been in denial about it and that school is starting in less than two weeks. The summer has gone too quickly and I’ve loved our lazy mornings, impromptu trips and adventures. However, I need to face reality and get ready for Autumn and Winter. I’ve purchased thermal vests for the kids, new walking shoes for walking the dogs in any weather, but I also need some new woolly jumpers.

I’m a fan of big, chunky knits and I love to bury myself and hide away in a chunky jumper or cardigan when the weather turns cold. When I’m doing some work on my laptop, I’ll usually drop the kids to school, do a quick tidy up and then disappear to my small office upstairs with a mug of tea, before wrapping myself in a cardigan, preferably one that goes to my knees! I could quite happily remain like this, tucked away all winter, as long as I have a supply of tea and a warm chunky cardigan!

Woolovers have asked me to peruse their latest offerings and come up with my own wish list, and this has been remarkably easy as I’ve fallen for quite a number of them. The long, Aran cardigan is my number one contender. I can picture it with the usual dark skinny jeans, a pair of brown boots and a leather satchel. What do you think?

Aran coat cardigan £49

Aran coat cardigan, £49. I may need to order this.


Chunky cable polo Lambswool £42

Chunky cable polo Lambswool, £42. This chunky jumper looks so cosy. One of these would definitely help me through the winter.


Slouchy Polo neck jumper £42

Slouchy polo neck jumper, £42. I think this would be handy to have in my wardrobe as a smart-casual option.


Lambswool hooded cardigan, £39

Lambswool hooded cardigan, £39


Norwegian button-neck, £39

Norwegian button-neck, £39


Cowl neck, cashmere and merrino, £39

Cowl neck, cashmere and merino, £39

These jumpers and cardigans are all gorgeous. The more I look at them the harder it is to choose. All I have to do is grow my hair long (and blonde), lose a stone or two and then maybe I’ll look as nice as these lovely ladies!

As well as lovely winter woollies, they also sell sleeveless tops, fine silk cardigans, hoodies, vests, shirts and scarves. They have everything from luxury cashmere sweaters to simple hard-wearing cardigans for everyday wear and everything is available in a huge selection of colours. I think Woolovers offer great value for money, considering their products are all made from natural fibres. Many styles are discounted when you purchase 2 of the same item. Right now their summer sale is on but it’s due to end in a few days. If you sign up for their newsletter, you’ll find out when the mid-season sale begins and also be in with a chance to a £50 gift voucher. Or you can keep up to date with offers via their Facebook page.

As I mentioned, Woolovers’ knits are all made from entirely natural fibres such as lambswool, cotton, silk and cashmere. There are many benefits to wearing wool – it is durable as each fibre can be bent up to 20,000 times without breaking and will bounce back to its original shape. Wool is naturally fire retardant, sustainable, incredibly warm yet breathable, anti-bacterial and biodegradable. All styles can be machine washed on a wool cycle, using a special wool detergent which is music to my ears. I hate when I’ve bought a new jumper only to discover later that it needs to be hand-washed. In the end the jumper ends up waiting too long in the laundry basket before I get round to washing it. Who has time for hand-washing?!

Woolovers 25yr_main

Woolovers was established in 1989 and they currently supply nearly a million and a half customers worldwide. I looked into where their products are made, and they are all manufactured in Madagascar and Mauritius. I was happy to hear this as I’m trying my very best to always choose ethical clothing so that workers are paid a decent wage and have good working conditions. Woolovers also support the Campaign for Wool which recognises the plight of sheep farmers. The price of wool is falling worldwide and by choosing wool instead of petro-chemical fibres, we can support sheep farmers and enjoy the ecological benefits of choosing a natural and sustainable resource.


Woolovers have sponsored me to write this post, however my opinions expressed here are genuine, and I read many positive reviews for Woolovers products and customer service before publishing this post.

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  1. My bank balance may never forgive you for introducing me to this site!! Love it 🙂

  2. I love chunky long knitwear but I am allergic to wool Even wool blends make me itchy. It’s so unfair. the other half swears by wool so I will show him the site. Their cotton wear looks lovely as well *off to browse*

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